Jacaranda Books is now open for submissions.

 #DVpit Applicants

Congratulations on being invited to submit your work! Please follow the submission guidelines below. All submissions should be sent by email to with subject #DVpit. Any further queries regarding these submission guidelines should be sent by email to with #DVpit as the subject.


Jacaranda Books will publish adult commercial fiction, including inspirational women’s fiction and literary fiction. We will consider genre fiction (crime, historical and science fiction) where the central character or theme relates to underrepresented groups, strong female characters, women’s stories, or the urban literary landscape.

Jacaranda Books will publish biography, memoir, and autobiography with emphasis on artists of caliber from the soul, blues, R&B and reggae traditions. We are interested in original works from or about African and African American, Caribbean and black British artists working in the fields of photography, fine art, fashion and contemporary and modern art.


All submission should come with the following:
a)    A cover letter specifically about the author, their publishing goals/ambitions and any evidence of having been published previously.
b)    A detailed synopsis of the book or project (Maximum five pages).
c)    Twenty to thirty pages of consecutive text. This may be chronological chapters or may be discrete extracts.
d)    All written submissions, including cover letter and synopsis, should be sent as Word documents.
e)    Artwork or photographs accompanying an illustrated book submission should be sent to office[at] with the title of the work in the subject. We accept a maximum of 3 images, including a cover image and two other images from the work, in jpeg format only.

Our aim at Jacaranda Books is to publish great books. The voice, passion, the excellence in writing, the uniqueness of the subject, these are the things that will make one manuscript stand out over the others.

We will read all submissions and will attempt to offer constructive feedback where possible.

Good luck on your publishing journey.

The Team
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