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The Colour Black


ISBN: 9781909762022

Publication date: July 24, 2014

Price: £12.99

Formats available: Demy PB

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The Mexico of Silvia’s early memory is a place of darkness. People disappear daily, caught in the crossfire between warring drug cartels. Held in thrall to US economic concerns, the Mexican government is more interested in exploiting natural resources than intervening.

No one knows how Silvia’s past is caught up in all of this. She lives quietly as an artist in San Diego, drawing the contours of the human body – Max, Arthur and then one day, Jack.

Free-spirited, athletic and a lawyer, Silvia sees Jack is different from her other models. She finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, against her own will, until she finally opens up to him with a revelation which drives them both out of town.

Together they travel across the landscapes of America towards Alaska, searching for truth, freedom and adventure, all the while unravelling the mysteries of life,  the universe and their own existence. But will they find the answers they are seeking, and will Silvia ever open her heart to love?

The Colour Black is a stirring take on the American road novel, told by a fresh new writer of commercial fiction.