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Swimming with Fishes


ISBN: 9781909762459

Publication date: May 25, 2017

Price: 7.99

Formats available: PB, Ebook

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Set in rural Jamaica, Swimming with Fishes evokes the pain of a love affair between a London-born businessman and a native Jamaican and how that affair grows beyond either of their expectations.

Sickle Cell Anaemia sufferer, Kat wants a baby more than life itself. When the town herbalist foretells of a man from across the ocean who will father her child, Kat’s hopes intensify into a dream that must come true.

Her encounter with Londoner Ben years later edges the prediction toward reality. Their friendship develops into an all-consuming love to which they both surrender. However unknown to Ben, Kat is a sickle cell sufferer and unknown to Kat, Ben is already married.

NetGalley Book Reviews

Literary Marie: Like so many other books, I found myself rooting for the “wrong” woman until I took my emotions out of it and enjoyed the story for what it was…island love fiction. (3*) Also reviewed on a personal blog.

Michelle C.: There was plenty of drama as well as a good portrayal of how someone can overcome an adverse situation in their lives. (4*) Also reviewed on Amazon.com.

Joyce F.: This is a romantic novel with an interesting twist. The couple each has their own secrets. (3*) Also reviewed on Amazon.com and Goodreads.

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