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So the Path Does Not Die


ISBN: 9781909762039

Publication date: July 17, 2014

Price: £12.99

Formats available: Demy hb, ebook

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Finaba Marah yearns to fit in with the other girls of her age, and nothing will allow her to do that more than the initiation ceremony that her grandmother Baramusu has told her so much about. Finaba’s parents’ fiercely object to the ceremony, which they believe claimed the life of her elder sister, so one night Finaba is secretly whisked away by her grandmother, but before her initiation is complete, Finaba’s father storms in and brings the circumcision ceremony to a halt. The family is advised to leave their home, and the events that follow set Finaba’s life on an unexpected path.

So the Path Does Not Die is a touching coming of age story that follows Finaba through her childhood and adolescence into adulthood, from her native Sierra Leone to the new and exciting land of opportunity, the USA. This modern story addresses issues of ethnicity, sexuality, gender and Female Genital Mutilation told through the life of this feisty, intelligent and determined young African woman as she makes her way through the world while balancing the weights of tradition and modernity. But most of all, it is a story of survival.

So the Path Does Not Die, at times funny, at times sad, is a modern, must-read debut novel from the exceptionally talented, Caine Prize shortlisted writer Pede Hollist.